Full Moon Over Carcassonne


Inside La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Leopard Lacewing

Twilight Mist

Fleeting Moment

Harbinger of Spring

Erupting Aurora

Say Cheese

Storm Coming In

Happy Meal

Pastoral Pennsylvania

Sunset Aurora

Nocturnal Waterlily

Spring Garden Collage


Autumn Reflections

Dancing in the Northern Sky

Natural Patterns

Columbia River Sunset

Peace at the Last

Roosevelt Elk

Frozen in time

Rugged Coastline, Northern Ireland

the Long Room, Trinity College, Dublin




Gone the Sun


The Chamber Lantern

Merry Christmas!

Splendid Isolation

Through the Arches

Hunting for Breakfast on the Fjord

Springtime Runoff

The Pool

Manarola, italy

Misty symmetry

Rough seas in Riomaggiore, Italy

Icelands finest

The End of the Season


A New Year for Hallgrimskirkja

When color paints the nighttime sky...1

When color paints the nighttime sky...2

A walk through the Boreal Forest

Are you SURE I can't Come out there with you?

Chena RIver

Autumnal Aurora

Capturing the Elusive Aurora

Reflections on an Arctic Pond

Canyon Sunset

On the Edge

Picture Perfect Day

Sedona Sunset

The Canyon at Sunrise


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Caught, Barbara Steele, Nature, October 2015 psan
Rocky Coast Sunset, Barbara Steele, Nature, October 2015 psat
Aurora Rising, Barbara Steele, Travel, Runner up