Dazed and Confused

Ice fishing on Stub Pond

Feeling Frosty

River Otters on ice

Spirit God of the Forest

Sunrise Surf Fishing -Nausett Beach

Mourning Dove Mates

Hooded Merganser

Hooded Mergansers Lunch Time Swim

Fear the Cormorants

Orange Rose

Green and Great Blue Hanging Out

Three Cormorants Catching Some Sun

Delicate Edges

drops of dew

Drops of Dew, too

Cooper’s Hawk meets pidgeon for lunch

Baltimore stare

A good day fishing

Morning flight south, slight mist

Evening shift at the local gastronomia

Galleria, Milan, Italy

Still Life-Great Blue Heron

I've made up my mind!

perfectly imperfect

Fire on Water

Chip's morning snack

Mallard Mom and ducklings

Goose Gets the Gander

Bird Feeder In Paradise

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Autumn Reflections, Gary Gianini, Open ,Nov2015