A lady's slipper

My baby pine cones

Say Ahhhhhh

Grandpa's mirror image

lady slipper

pop's baker

Amarillis by morning

blind date, first kiss


all wrapped up

Color reversal

morning snack

Heart Burn

Lipizaner Stallion

delicate flower

finding food

natural waterfall, no enhancement

spring flower

squirrely nurse

Queen Annes Lace

Rushing Water

Sunrise on the sound

Doctor in the house Olean ny

Gerbera daisy

Rusty relic Rock City Park NY

Bee Hungry

Floating Iris

Heart of the Stream

Sore Knee

Where did the stoplights go


keeper of the greenhouse

salmon dafodil

Great pose

Stained Glass West Point

Sweet Smile

Frozen In Time.......Until Spring

Ghost Choir

Single Rose


See the Light

Sleepy Time

Fall in Massechusetts

Perception- Half empty or Half Full

Queen anne's lace or spiders holding hands


Time to rest


Patriotic Barn

Wise Old Owl


Playing Catch

Ripples in Time

Covered Bridge New hampshere

Oldest Bridge

Summer Day

A single rose

Elizabeth Park


I Have My Eye on You

Strong Stream

Guarding West Point

Lighthouse by the sea

White rose

Old Sturbridge Village

Rocky Forest

Sweeping Up Old Sturbridge Village

Rusty Gold

Stare down

Stretch for a bunt

Antique Buzz Saw

Look at me I am 93

Windy Day

Looks Like Sherbert

No work today

The Beauty of a Rose

Buzzing Around

Lazy Days

Protecting West Point

Roses in the park

Sail Fest New London

Beacon of Safety - New London Harbor Light

On top of te world

Who, Me?

Deadly Beauty

giving chase