Blue Iris

Painted Rose


Japenese Beatle

Painted Turtle

Alert Hawk

Nose Art

The Butterfly Effect

How do I get out of Here


My Red Head

Flower Girl

Glasswing Butterfly

It's my Box

Holiday Spider

Red White and Blue

The Rose

Beach Fence

Drift Wood on the Beach

My Shadow

A Day at the Beach

A Pair of Mutes

Mustang and Spitfire

Save the Wetlands

This way to Town

Pa.Valley Sunrise

Red Tail Hawk

What a long Neck

Lime Rock Racing

Lots of Polen

Pa. Air Show

Cold Sept. Waves

Mom and Young

Rain Drops

Sun Light on Mushrooms

Whats Up or Down

Frozen in Place

Old View

Pink Rose

A View of the Capital Through Glass

Girl from the Past

WW2 Sad Eyes

Great Catch

One on the Rocks

Over the Falls

Berry Delight

Do Not Mess With Me

Winter Flower World

All alone with the painting

River in Motion

Safe at Third

Swamp Grass

The Shadow of the Bottle

Bird House for Rent

Mums all the way around

Two for One

All Alone

Monarch Butterfly

Pray the Chut opens

Fall Reflections

N H Covered Bridge

West Point Go Army

Ball over Hartford

Elizabeth Park West Hartford Chapel

Lighting up the Sky

Duck Pond With No Ducks

The White Bush

A Rose by any name is still a Rose

Cold Waters

Time to make the Clock

Day at the Museum

Handmade Clock

What a View

Ball Turret Tight Fit

Home made arrow heads

Wall of Ice

Burger or Dog

Funny Face

I Love my Bench

History in Color

Inside the Stone

West Point Style

Bug Lighthouse Long Island Sound

Full Moon

Homeland Security

Waterfall Kent Ct.

West Point Cadet Chapel

Loss Friend from the Pass

One of the Kids

Up Up and Away

Holloween so soon

Lily Pads


Carousel Horse

I See Purple

Stone Fish

Rivers Edge

I am not happy mom

Morning Mist

White Rose

Atlantic Storm Hampton Beach

Day Trip To Long Island Sound

Kids Dreams

Pin Up

More Images

Thrill Ride, James Haney, Open, Jan 2016 - 21
Red Berry De-Light, James Haney, Open, Jan. 2016 - 19
What are you looking at, James Haney, Creative, Dec. 2015 - 21
Fall Day, James Haney, Open, Nov 15