It’s Been a Rough Day

Massachusetts Grist Mill

Napping on the Old Pillars

Driving down the Highway

Manhattan Skyline

Winter at the Old Drake Bridge

City View from New Jersey

Night Time Under the Bridge

Tracks to a new world

Fall at Quabbin Reservoir

Ice Storm

New England Garden

Sunset over Quabbin Reservoir

Soldiers Monument With the Bond Building

Where the Dear and the Antelope Play

Coastal Flower Garden

Pfiffer Beach

On Golden Pond

Remembering an Old Friend

The Bridge to Somewhere

A Step back in Time

Old Time Carpenter

Water Lily

An Old Relic

Brooklyn Bridge

Rainy day in the City

Eno Memorial from top of Cemetary

Just Passing Through

New York City Skyline

Cherry Brook Farm

City View From Brooklyn

Jess at the piano

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

After the crowds leave - Coney Island

Dalia with a visitor

Sierra's day at the Beach

Joshua Tree National Park Looking West

Yosemite Falls

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

People watching at the Guggenheim

Smokey Mountains Gristmill

Old style transportation

Springtime with the ancestors

Breaking out of the Slammer

The Broad Side of a barn

Central Park Reflections

Old Relics

Sunset over Flamig Farm

Babbling Brook

California Sunset

Half Dome

Ice Sculpture

Taft Point Yosemite NP

Enjoying the View

Time for a Snack

Under the Pier

Florida Sunset

NIce Day in the Canadian Rockies

Patiently waiting for the drop



Sunrise on the Cape

Fulton Fish Market

Lonesome Dandilion

Sunrise over Granby

Can I come in please

Looking into Yosemite Valley

Under the Boardwalk

Canadian Rockies

Hoskins Road Barns

Pacific Coast Pier

View from Glacier Point - Yosemite

Axe factory rainbow

West coast sunset

Winter In West Simsbury

Babbling Brook

Joshua Tree National Park sunset

Sunset over Yosemite

A Night at the Opry

Cape Cod Sunset

Riding the wave

A Perfect Florida Sunset

San Francisco's Painted Ladies

Apple Blossom Snack

Canadian Rockies

Fallen Tree

One giant step for BirdKind

Surfing USA


Golden Sunset over the Capital

Old Relic

Santa Monica Pier

Cherry blossom time of year

Mirror Lake Reflection

Yosemite Falls in Spring

Yosemite upper and lower falls

Country Barn

Fall in New England

Im trying to hide here

Long way up

Mr Crab

California Coast

Shadow on Barn

View from my Window

Fogged in

Yosemite Falls

Confederate Casuallty

Thomas Jeffersons View

More Images

Hall's Farm, Jim Patrina, Open, Jan16 - 23
Cold front on the way, Jim Patrina, Open Jan 2016 - 22
Waiting for my next meal, Jim Patrina, Nature, Jan 16 - 21
Heron Posing, Jim Patrina, Nature, Jan16 PSAN - 25
Drake Hill Bridge, Jim Patrina, Creative, Dec15 - 23
Washington Monument, Jim Patrina, Creative, Dec 2015 - 24
Topical Lagoon, Jim Patrina, Reflections, Nov15 PCAT
Growth Spurt, Jim Patrina, Open, Nov 2015
Solar Lighthouse, Jim Patrina, Open, Nov2015 PSAT
Yellow Lily
Just Killing Time, Jim Patrina, Nature, Oct15 PSAN PSAT
God's Country, Jim Patrina, Nature, Oct15 PSAN PSAT
Rough Seas, Jim Patrina, Water, Sept 15 PCAN
Its a jungle out there, Jim Patrina, Open, Sept 15 PSAN PSAT
Simsbury in July, Jim Patrina, Open, Sept 15
Bath time, Jim Patrina, Nature, Aug15 PSAN PSAT
Big gulp, Jim Patrina, Nature, Aug15 PSAN