Motion with Emotion

Ring of Friends

Australian Ducks

Female Immature Tufted Duck

Breeding Male Wood Duck

Male Green-winged Teal

Mandarin Duck

At the Market

Family Portrait

Ladies in the Garden

Lake Perch

Tremezzina, IT

By the Lake

Funicular to a Bygone Age

Old Quebec City

Demure Sanderling

Mercy State Champions


Saanich Inlet, BC Canada

Sanderling Red Worm Feast

Preening Sanderling

Shy Sanderling

Florence Italy Duomo

Hosta Flowers

Raquette Lake NY

Low Tide

Mars Milky Way and Satellite over Moss Lake

Mist over the Bay

Sparrow on Maple Branch

Thunder Storm on the Horizon

Admiring the bloom

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise

Fountain Playing


Evening Glow

Recumbent Position



Sisters in Repose

Catch of the day

Solar Eclipse Cloud Jumping

Solarization of Blood Moon in Orbit

CAMO George

Lago de Como Italy

Orvieto Italy


Tree Swallow

Snowy Egret on Log

Snowy Egret in Full Flight

Flying With Style


Snowy Egret in Flight

Crow's-foot Glacier

Lake Louise

Reflecting Ridges

Elegance at the Door

Flower of Youth

Chamber Music

Moraine Lake

Victoria's Rose Garden

Florence Displaying the Long History of the Italian Automobile

Lewis and Clark Journey's End on the Oregon Cost

Tenderizing a Wild Boar

Low-Key Photography Study

Mechanical Gearset

Mechanism of bygone days

Should I wear this?

Street photography succulent meal

Stunning in red

Boat Launch at Emeral Lake, Yoho National Park, BC, Canada

Glacier Blue Peyto Lake on the Icefield Parkway, AB, Canada

Pantheon in Rome Italy 120-124AD


Florence Skyline


Out of my way

Uffizi on the Arno at night, Florence, Italy

Longing Snowy Egret

Redy at Emerald Lake

School is out Snowy Egret gone fishing


Taking Flight

Cabin with a View

Morning at the Mooring

Reflecting Vista

Drawn Toward the Light - Resubmit for April Creative


Ponte Vecchio - Resubmit for April Travel

Shooting Something Old

The David

The Roman Incident - Resubmit for April Travel

Fire Canopy

Mausoleum Visit

Moment of Glory


Love is


More Images

Lake Como, Rene Durbois, Open, Jan 16, PSAT - 20
Happy Day, Rene Durbois, Open, Jan 2016 - 21
Head on a Plate, Rene Durbois, Still Life, Jan 16, PSAT - 22
Milky way, Rene Durbois, Creative, Dec 2015 - 22
Milkyway Beach Fire, Rene Durbois, Creative, Dec 2015 - 24
Sun Kissed Italian Valley, Rene Dubois, Open, November 15 - 23
Serenity Perch, Rene Dubois, Open, November 15 PSAT