Rob Sternschein

Rob’s interest in photography began early in life when he was given a developing kit at 8 years old, to go with his Kodak Brownie camera. The kit contained three […]

Danielle D’Ermo

Danielle was a nature lover from a very early age, eventually taking photographs with a small point and shoot camera.  She literally had greatness thrust upon her when her boyfriend […]

Alene Galin

As with many of us, Alene’s first exposure to photography was through her dad taking family vacation photos.  She carried on the tradition with her own family, then took it […]

Frank Zaremba, MNEC

Frank started participating in Simsbury Camera Club ancillary activities around 2014.  He attended a presentation by Nathan Gutman at the Simsbury Library, and pointed out an easier way to accomplish […]

Chris Fisher

The first time Chris Fisher approached photography seriously was when he and his wife, Diane, took the summer of 1972 to travel to Europe on $5/day. They purchased two Eurail Passes that allowed them to travel in first class comfort for 7 weeks for only $300. They traveled from the Italian Riviera up to the fjords of Norway, taking 700 to 800 slides.

David Royce

David has been a key member of the Simsbury Camera Club since he joined in 1994.  He served two terms as President 1999-2003 and helped grow the club; taking on many […]