Member Recognition Column

The Simsbury Camera Club thrives because of the dedicated volunteer spirit of our members. George Zars was one of our past members who exemplified that spirit. In looking to honor his memory, I was inspired to organize this column which will recognize members past and present who have, over time, exhibited participation and volunteerism above and beyond that of the average member. This year the Member Recognition Column will be written by Lou Norton, Judy Rabinowitz and Alene Galin  (at times extrapolating information from previous issues of “Focal Point”, by Ben Skaught), will highlight a member about every two months and will be archived on our website for future reference.

Feel free to email me names of deserving honorees.

Alene Galin, Organizer
[email protected]

J. John Straub

When one chooses a profession that necessitates examining images in great detail to interpret their meaning, it is not surprising that photography might become one’s hobby. This came to pass with diagnostic and interventional radiologist Dr. John Straub. John received all his education in Iowa; finally receiving his MD degree from the University of Iowa in 1972. His medical internship brought him to Hartford Hospital followed by a three-year residency in diagnostic and interventional radiology at the same institution. Interventional radiology involves the use of imaging modalities such as fluoroscopy, CT and ultrasound to guide minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of diseases…