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Creative (Regular)

Maximum can submit 2 images

The Simsbury Camera Club definition of Creative photography is a modified version of that defined by the PSA.

Our definition requires that images display "altered reality". We encourage using your imagination. "Altered reality" defined simply means that the image portrays something different from the "real life" appearance. That "altered reality" should be perceivable by the viewer and is an important consideration in scoring the image. "Altered reality" may be achieved by imaginative arrangement of elements being photographed, by in-camera techniques such as zooming or intentionally moving the camera during the exposure, by cleverly combining images or using imaginative post processing techniques that adhere to the parameters listed below.

Encouraged elements: The subject matter is the choice of the maker, but the image must display some alteration in color, texture, shape, arrangement or location of that subject matter that is different from the "real life" appearance.

The original image must be produced by the maker on photographic emulsion or captured digitally. Artwork or computer graphics generated by the maker may be incorporated if the original photographic content predominates. Images may not be constructed entirely within a computer.

Creative images are often a blending or composite of multiple images. All parts of the creative image must be the original work of the maker.

What is not allowed: Any component of the image created by someone else including but not limited to clip art, textures, borders or frames, and photographs may not be used. Your photograph of someone else’s artwork (i.e. a sculpture or painting) may be incorporated in your image as long as it is secondary to the story of the image and not the featured element of creativity.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) images without further changes are not considered "Altered Reality."

Images that do not display any obvious Creative elements as outlined above, no matter how photographically excellent, may receive lower scores or even be disqualified.

Judging: We ask that in assessing images in the creative category, judges do so through a slightly different lens than they use for other competition categories. Judges are encouraged to prioritize the visual/emotional impact and story-telling value of creative images with less emphasis on things like focus, exposure, noise and white balance, all of which may be intentionally altered in the creative process. Certainly well crafted use of color and composition should always be valued.