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Portrait (Regular)

Maximum can submit 2 images

Portrait photography is the capture of an image of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject(s). This is done through the use of effective lighting, backdrops, props, poses and communication. A portrait photographers aim is to focus on the per-son’s face. The aim is to give emphasis on the face of the person because this will also be the main focus of the photograph. This does not mean, however, that the person’s body or even the back-ground will no longer be included. These can still be included in the photo but again, the emphasis should be on the person’s face, facial expression or even distinct facial features. A photographer's goal is to take a carefully crafted photograph while capturing the person's attitude, identity, and personality.

Not Allowed in Portrait:

               A Portrait of an animal. This is an image of a person(s) category.

               A Self Portrait. Any image of a member may influence a Judges score and comment.

               A Painterly Effect applied. This is not an altered reality category.

Any adjustments/changes/modifications to an image must make it appear real and natural.
Where possible, the person or persons should know that they are being photographed either pre or post.

Portrait photography involves three types of approaches: environmentalconstructionist, and candid.

The environmental approach, typically portray a person in their natural environment. Different from traditional portraits shot in a studio, locational portraits capture the character of the subject and give insight into their daily life making for a more personal image, generally telling some kind of story about who the subject is. This can be achieved anywhere from their work place, home, or anywhere where they like to spend their time. However, you can also setup an environmental shoot to illustrate their character in certain scenario or situation.

constructionist approach to portraiture includes the traditional studio photography  and allows  the photographer to develop atmosphere. The photographer may choose to set the mood of the portrait through the background, lighting, and person's body language to build a conveyed emotion. For example, a photographer might have a mom-to-be holding her belly and looking downward to convey the notion of waiting. Likewise, for a serious attitude, the photographer might have the subject look intently into the camera and use a minimal background.

The candid approach involves capturing the essence of a person when he or she thinks the photographer isn't working; but this doesn't mean that the photo wasn't planned in advance or that the photographer isn't providing some type of subtle direction. What isn't planned is exactly when the photograph is going to be snapped. The photographer is inspired by the position the person is naturally taking, the light, the environment or any number of other factors.

Unlike other photography styles, the subjects of portrait photography are often non-professional models. This means that ordinary people such as fathers, mothers, kids, businessmen and even the local man on the street can be subjects in portraiture. Portraits capture people and personality.