Look Who’s Joined – 2021-2022

Welcome to these new and newer members of the Simsbury Camera Club. This page is an attempt to help us get to know these individuals better and to welcome them to the fold. (I apologize for paraphrasing and abbreviating some of this information in the interest brevity)

Chip Neumann

Experience: I’ve been interested in photography since I was a young teen. I used a 35 mm camera through my 30’s when I switched to digital photography.  I entered a photography contest at my work in the mid-1980’s. 

Equipment: Canon SureShot SX280

Post Processing software: none

Photographic Interest:  Landscapes, Family

Mireille Neumann

Experience: I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. For most of the pictures I used the “point and shoot” method because I never had the time to actually learn more.  Now I would like to learn how to take advantage of all the features on my camera to take better pictures.

Equipment: Canon EOS 250D

Post Processing software: Corel Paintshop Pro  (have it on my computer but have never used it)

Photographic Interest:  Flowers, Landscapes, my family

Kevin Hulse

Experience: I have photographed with 35mm and medium format cameras since the 1970’s, and Digital since early 2000’s.  I consider myself an amateur who is interested in improving the quality of my photos and sharing what I know.

Equipment: Nikon D7200 for Digital, Nikon F2A and Hassy for Film photography

Post Processing: Adobe Lightroom Classic, home darkroom for film

Photographic interests: Landscapes, architecture, people.  Looking to continue to grow and improve in both the digital and film space.

Owen Small

Experience: At it for a long time but always wanting to improve.

Equipment: Hasselblad 907X S.E.

Post Processing: Lightroom, Photoshop and Hasselblad’s Phocus (Need much Improvement with all of it).

Photographic interests: Family, Portraits, Scenic, Flowers and Architecture.

John Eckel

Experience: My journey in photography began when I was about 14 and received a gift of a classic 828 film camera and darkroom equipment  from my uncle. I traded up to a Canon 35 mm SLR when in college. But as I got older, I focused on my job and allowed my photographic skills to deteriorate as I defaulted to “point and shoot”  photography. Now that I have retired I hope that just a little of the expertise of other SCC members rubs off on me. 

Equipment: Although I have had numerous Canon SLR’s through my life, my current “go to” camera is an Olympus OM-D E-M10 mirrorless 4/3 format

Post Processing: I have not been using post processing software

Photographic interests: I am interested in travel, nature and family photography

Terri-Ann Snediker

Experience: Beginner. I’ve taken a few courses over the years but inevitably life gets in the way and I end up putting the camera in the back of a closet. When I pick it back up again, I realize that I have completely forgotten most of what I learned. 

Equipment: My camera is a Sony A7iii (mirrorless) – still learning about it.

Post Processing: Lightroom Classic and Photoshop and Bridge

Photographic interests: Portrait, Real Estate, Street Photography, Nature

Pam Carter

Experience: Forever the family photographer. Amateur. Having just recently completed an online class, I would like to utilize what I’ve learned and improve by learning from others.

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel

Post Processing: Microsoft photo editor, trial version EasyHDR 3

Photographic interests: Travel, Nature, Family

Quyen Phan

Quyen Phan

Experience: New to the hobby and looking to learn

Equipment: Olympus mirrorless

Post Processing: None at the moment (only Adobe Lightroom – free app version)

Photographic interests: Nature, Landscape, Wildlife, Creative, Travel

Robert (Bob) McCue

Experience: I am an amateur photographer who started to pursue my interest in photography in the late 1980s, and have taken a number of photography classes but would like to improve by learning from others photography and receiving feedback on my photography. 

Equipment: Canon R5 and iPhone

Post Processing: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Photographic interests: Nature, landscapes, wildlife, and interested in learning more about macro photography

Eric Wolfe

Experience: At it for a while but looking to improve

Equipment: Canon EOS R mirrorless

Post Processing: Adobe PS Elements 6.0, Canon DPP4, Microsoft Photos

Photographic interests: Landscape, Wildlife, Portraits, Travel and new interest in learning Nightscape photography

Jeff Levesque

Experience: Jeff is an experienced photographer interested in learning more and sharing what he knows.

Equipment: Former Nikon DSLR user now using Sony Mirrorless exclusively

Post Processing: Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom/Photoshop), Luminar, Topaz, Capture One, ON1 Photo RAW, Exposure X5, Nik Collection, Photo Mechanic

Photographic interests: Nature/wildlife with a strong affinity for birds, plus other outdoor and scenic subject matter

Contact info: [email protected]
Website: levesquephotos.com

John Clancy

Experience: John has been photographing for some time and in interesting in advancing his skills

Equipment: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

Post Processing: Photoshop Elements (2019)

Photographic interests: Travel, nature, military, people. Landscapes, architecture, birds, mammals, and macro photo opportunities. Capturing pictures beyond the “typical” subjects

Contact info: [email protected]

Linda Fickinger

Experience: Linda has been photographing for awhile and is looking to improve. Self described “definite amateur”.

Equipment: Nikon DSLR

Post processing: Photoshop 2021

Photographic interests: mostly nature- flowers, birds, etc.