April 2016, Creative – Images

A Leprechaun’s Nightmare (20)

By John Straub

Art Work (22)

By George Zars

My Funny Car (23)

By Charles Hall

No Hands (21)

By Richard Busch

Statue of Jose Marti (21)

By Mark Buchanan

Sunset Impression – Resubmit for March Sunset (23)

By Bruce Metzger

Suntime (19)

By Gil Kleiner

Whiskey Barrel (22)

By Bill Latournes

Class B 2nd

Neon Deco (25)

By Ed Raymond

Farm in a bottle (25)

By Vitali Zhulkovsky

Class B 1st

Eye see right through you (28)

By Kris Anderson

Class A 2nd

Russian Church Of The Resurrection (23)

By Lou Norton

Cactus Close Up (23)

By Alene Galin

Blending In (23)

By Donna Griffiths

Class A 1st

Lightbulb (24)

By Frank Zaremba

Summertime Lounging – A Tableau (24)

By Dolf Fusco

Salon 2nd

Birches Impression (24)

By Bruce Metzger

Warrior Silhouette (24)

By John McGarry

Old Mystic (24)

By Bill Payne

Salon 1st

Cormorant on a Branch (25)

By Susan Porier