Competition Images

Photos, Power of Color, January 2017

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Photos, Architecture, January 2017

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Photos, Internet Nature, December 2016

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Photos, Creative, December 2016

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Photos, Travel, December 2016

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Images – November 2016, Animals

Airbrushed Rider By Richard Busch Are you SURE I can’t Come out there with you? By Barbara Steele Backyard Bird By Cheryl Picard Blue Eyes By Kristen Anderson Blue Laced […]

Images – November 2016, Open

A Shadow of Itself By Kathleen Miller A walk through the Boreal Forest By Barbara Steele Beacon of Safety – New London Harbor Light By Harold Grimes Beautiful Iron Horse […]

Photos, October 2016 – Nature Category

Autumn Tree Reflections By Dolph Fusco Bluebird By Bruce Metzger Capturing the Elusive Aurora By Barbara Steele Deer With a Snack By John McGarry Dew drop inn By Kristen Anderson […]

Photos, October 2016 – Creative

Angel Cloud By Frank Zaremba Autumnal Aurora By Barbara Steele Balloon By William Latournes Deadly Beauty By Harold Grimes Holloween so soon By James Haney Long Jump Sequence By John […]

September 2016, Post Card of CT Category, Images

Autumn on Talcott Mountain By John McGarry Connecticut Lighthouse By Charles Hall Heading Back to the Station By Donna JW Griffiths Heublein Tower By Susan Poirier Lighthouse Point State Park […]

September 2016, Open Category, Images

Beauty and the Bug By Donna JW Griffiths California Coast By Jim Patrina Call Me Ollie By Lou Norton Canyon Sunset By Barbara Steele Chefchaouen Moroccan Alley By Lou Norton […]

August 2016, Nature – Images

Anhinga Love By Susan Poirier Cardinal with Berry By Susan Poirier El Chipo By Gary Gianini Going Down By Charles Hall Good Friend By George Zars Grey Day on CT […]

May 2016, Flowers Category Images

Alooe Ferox Blooms (20) By Gil Kleiner Blue Hyacinth (22) By Frank Zaremba Drawn Toward the Light – Resubmit for April Creative (21) By Rene Durbois Flowers (20) By Rene […]

May 2016, Open Category Images

18 (20) By Vitali Zhulkovsky A Fight (21) By George Zars Bricks Berries And Stained Lace (21) By Dolf Fusco Confederate Casuallty (19) By Jim Patrina Eagle (23) By William […]

April 2016, Travel Category Images

Atlantic Storm Hampton Beach (20) By James Haney Barn Now Gone – Resubmit for March Open (25) By Bruce Metzger Behind the Waterfall (21) By John McGarry Craft Fair (23) […]

April 2016, Creative – Images

A Leprechaun’s Nightmare (20) By John Straub Art Work (22) By George Zars My Funny Car (23) By Charles Hall No Hands (21) By Richard Busch Statue of Jose Marti […]

Sunset Sunrise, March 2016 – Images

A River of Clouds (19) By Lorraine Cosgrove Closing Time (21) By Mark Buchanan Dawn At Bar Harbor (23) By Lou Norton Dinner at Dusk (20) By Bill Payne Fire […]

Open Category, March 2016 – Images

Angry Bird (21) By Vitali Zhulkovsky Bird Feeder In Paradise (21) By Gary Gianini Colonial Elegance – Light and Cut Glass (19) By Dolf Fusco Creek at Campbell Falls (23) […]

Creative Category, February 2016 – Images

Celestial Soccer (23) By John Straub Church of St. Dmitry (21) By Mark Buchanan Corrosion (21) By John McGarry Grey Day in the Keys (21) By Donna Griffiths Leaf Variations […]

Portrait Category, February 2016 – Images

2 Rugged Terrain (23) By John Straub Allen (19) By Cheryl Picard Bass Player (21) By Bill Latournes Bettie Page Wannabe (21) By Mark Buchanan Blues Singer (21) By Bill […]

Creative – October 2015

Salon 1st Fall Impression (22) Danielle D’Ermo Peacock Framed (22) Susan Poirier Salom 2nd Going to Meet Lucy (21) Richard Busch She’s Got His Back (21) John McGarry Class A […]

Nature – October 2015

Salon 1st Great White Egret in Breeding Pose (29) Danielle D’Ermo Salon 2nd Fishing Reddish Egret (26) Danielle D’Ermo Osprey with Catch (26) SusanPoirier Screaming Eagle (26) Richard Busch Snow […]

Water – September 2015

Salon 1st Waterfalls (25) John McGarry Salon 2nd Blue and Gold Ice Glaciers (24) Danielle D’Ermo Salon HM 50 Shades of Blue (23) Susan Poirier Class A 1st Birdhouse in […]

Open – September 2015, winning images

Salon 1st Tri Color Heron (28) John McGarry Salon 2nd Difficult Navigation (27) John McGarry Tern Fishing (27) Danielle D’Ermo Salon HM Solitude After the Storm (26) Bill Payne Class […]

Open – September 2015, additional images

A Crowd Of Chinese Children Feeding A Crowd of Koi (21) Lou Norton Abandoned (24) SusanPoirier At the Ready (20) Ed Raymond Balanced Rock in Winter (23) Lee Wilcox Boston […]

Nature – August 2015, Additional

Bath time, Jim Patrina (22) Big Gulp, Jim Patrina (22) Black and White on a Rock, Bill Latournes (21) Blackbird, Lorraine Cosgrove (21) Bullfrog on Debris, Lee Wilcox (23) Cape […]

Nature – August 2015, winning Images

Salon 1st Puffin with Catch, Susan Poirier (28) Hey what about me, John McGarry (28) Salon 2nd Lunch, Susan Poirier (27) Salon HM After the Storm, Bill Payne (24) Bugling […]