Photos, Architecture, January 2017

A New Year for Hallgrimskirkja

By Barbara Steele

Angkor Wat In Cambodia

By Lou Norton


By George Zars

Beacon Hill Athletic Club

By William Latournes

Conwingo Dam

By Susan Poirier

Cove Warehouse, Old Wethersfield

By Nancy Schumann


By Charles Hall

Favorite Ensign Bickford Window

By Marylou Lavoie

Golden Sunset over the Capital

By Jim Patrina

No work today

By Harold Grimes

Pantheon in Rome Italy 120-124AD

By Rene Durbois

The guesthouse

By Kristen Anderson

West Point Style

By James Haney

White House Ruins

By Bruce Metzger

Class B 2nd

Casa Batllo

By Susan Case

Class B 1st

A View of CN Tower- Toronto, Canada

By Aadarsh Gopalakrishna

Class A 2nd

Gatehouse by the Water Company, Landscaping by God

By J. John Straub

Class A 1st

Factory Belfry

By Dolph Fusco

Inside Caserta Palace

By Alene Galin

Salon 2nd

In need of some repair

By Frank Zaremba

Old Faithful Lodge Dinning Room

By John McGarry

Lone Open Window

By Donna JW Griffiths

Night 1

By Richard Busch

Salon 1st

You Can See Clouds Through the Building

By Bill Payne

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