Photos, October 2016 – Creative

Angel Cloud

By Frank Zaremba

Autumnal Aurora

By Barbara Steele


By William Latournes

Deadly Beauty

By Harold Grimes

Holloween so soon

By James Haney

Long Jump Sequence

By John McGarry

Long way up

By Jim Patrina

Noncompetitive Kayaking

By J. John Straub


By Aadarsh Gopalakrishna

Waiting for Morning Coffee

By Donna JW Griffiths

Wildflower Blast

By Bruce Metzger

Class B 2nd

Meeting of Air and Sea

By Charles Hall

Class B 1st

Greetings from the Adirondacks

By Kristen Anderson

Class A 2nd

Old Number 2

By George Zars


By Dolph Fusco

Ready to Launch

By Alene Galin

Class A 1st


By Lou Norton

Salon 2nd

Acid trip to Oz

By Richard Busch

Salon 1st

South Beach at Dusk

By Bill Payne