Creative Category, February 2016 – Images

Celestial Soccer (23)

By John Straub

Church of St. Dmitry (21)

By Mark Buchanan

Corrosion (21)

By John McGarry

Grey Day in the Keys (21)

By Donna Griffiths

Leaf Variations (21)

By Dolf Fusco

Leaves (20)

By Cheryl Picard

On the Outside Looking In (23)

By Susan Porier

Pumpkins Galore (23)

By Charles Hall

Table Top (18)

By Gil Kleiner

Twisted Road (21)

By Kris Anderson

Class B 2nd

Love is (26)

By Rene Durbois

Class B 1st

Meat Me (27)

By Vitali Zhulkovsky

Class A 2nd

Sliced Herring On Door Pannels (22)

By Lou Norton

Ghost Train (22)

By Bill Latournes

Dreaming (22)

By George Zars

Class A 1st

Model Grid (26)

By Frank Zaremba

Salon 2nd

Grove of Trees (24)

By Bruce Metzger

Salon 1st

Up Up and Away (26)

By Bill Payne