Creative – October 2015

Salon 1st

Fall Impression (22)
Danielle D’Ermo
Fall Impression, Danielle D'Ermo, Creative, October 2015

Peacock Framed (22)
Susan Poirier
Peacock Framed, Susan Poirier, Creative, 10_15

Salom 2nd

Going to Meet Lucy (21)
Richard Busch
Going to meet Lucy, Richard Busch, CREATIVE, 10 15

She’s Got His Back (21)
John McGarry
She's got his back, John McGarry, Open Creative, Oct 15

Class A 1st

A Spiders Finest (25)
Donna Griffiths
A Spiders Finest, Donna Griffiths, Creative, Oct 2015

Class A 2nd

Sunset Silhouette (24)
Bill Latournes
Sunset Silhouette, Bill Latournes, Creative, Oct2015

Class B 1st

Twinkle in My Eyes (26)
Kris Anderson
Twinkle in my eye, Kris Anderson, creative, October 2015

Class B 2nd

Osprey Mom of the Year (25)
John Straub
Osprey Mom of the Year, John Straub, Creative, October 2015

Alien Life Forms, Mark Buchanan
Alien Life Forms, Mark Buchanan, Creative, Oct15

Austrailan Outback, Lou Norton
Austrailan Outback, Lou Norton, Creative, October '15, PSAT

Forest Rain, Alene Galin
Forest Rain, Alene Galin,  Special, Oct 15

Painter Tiger, Frank Zaremba
Painter Tiger, Frank Zaremba, Creative, Oct-15

Old Well, Gil Kleiner
Old Well, Gil Kleiner, Creative 10-7-15

Thunderbird Dreams, Dolph Fusco
Thunderbird Dreams, Dolph Fusco, Creatve, Oct 2015

Resting Place, George Zars
Resting Place, George Zars, Creative, Oct 15

Reflections, Lorraine Cosgrove
Reflections, Lorraine Cosgrove, Creative, Oct 15

Psycadelic Berries, Ken Picard
Psycadelic Berries, Ken Picard, Creative, oct 15