Images – November 2016, Animals

Airbrushed Rider

By Richard Busch

Are you SURE I can’t Come out there with you?

By Barbara Steele

Backyard Bird

By Cheryl Picard

Blue Eyes

By Kristen Anderson

Blue Laced Orpington

By William Latournes

Blue Neck Emu

By Lorraine Cosgrove

Chip’s morning snack

By Gary Gianini


By Susan Poirier


By John McGarry

Hiding in Plain Sight

By Donna JW Griffiths

I’m Watching You

By Charles Hall


By Marylou Lavoie

Look into my eyes

By Nancy Schumann


By Susan Case

One of the Kids

By James Haney

Shy Bird

By Bruce Metzger

Who, Me?

By Harold Grimes

Class B 2nd

Innocence of a GREY LANGUR – Kabini forest , India

By Aadarsh Gopalakrishna

Class B 1st

Longing Snowy Egret

By Rene Durbois

Class A 2nd

Watch the Mallet There, Ralph Lauren

By J. John Straub

Fish For Dinner Again?

By Dolph Fusco

Snow Goose

By George Zars

Class A 1st

Voracious Sea Anemones

By Lou Norton

Salon 2nd

Look Deeply Into My Eyes

By Bill Payne

Salon 1st

Snow Dog

By Frank Zaremba