Photos, Creative, December 2016

Colored Horse

By Charles Hall


By Rene Durbois

Fisheye Firs and Fool With Furrowed Forehead

By J. John Straub

Homeland Security

By James Haney

Impressionist Weeds

By Bruce Metzger


By Donna JW Griffiths

Mirror Lake Reflection

By Jim Patrina

Peddeling Back To The Old Haunt After Halloween

By Lou Norton

Red-tail Hawk

By Gil Kleiner


By William Latournes

Class B 2nd

Sun kissed leaves !!!

By Aadarsh Gopalakrishna

Class B 1st

Roses in the park

By Harold Grimes

Flower power

By Kristen Anderson


By Marylou Lavoie

Heublein Tower

By Nancy Schumann

Class A 2nd

Apple Of His Eye

By Dolph Fusco

Class A 1st

Amalfi Coast

By Alene Galin

Salon 2nd

Looking thru a glass block

By Frank Zaremba

Back To The Future

By Susan Poirier

The Leonard P. Zakim Bridge

By Bill Payne

Salon 1st

TA-911 wetplate

By Richard Busch

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