Nature – August 2015 Scores

Bath time Jim Patrina A 22
big gulp Jim Patrina A 22
Black and White on a Rock William Latournes A 21
Blackbird Lorraine Cosgrove B 21
Bullfrog on Debris Lee Wilcox S 23
Cape Cod Deer Dolph Fusco A 23
Deer and Fawn Gil Kleiner S 21
Foggy Morning in Maine Alene Galin A 21
Heron Reflection Dolph Fusco A 23
House Sparrows Mating Danielle DErmo S 23
Moon Reflecting Over Bay Alene Galin A 21
Mother Protecting Her Twins Lou Norton A 23
Rampart Range Mark Buchanan A 22
Rock Profile Mark Buchanan A 21
Rolling In George Zars A 23
Splashing Wave George Zars A 23
Very Rare and Dangerous Cassowary In Austrailian Jungle Lou Norton A 21
Class B HM
A Fishing Duck Vitali Zhulkovsky B 23
Class B 2nd
An Egret in Egress John Straub B 24
Sparkly Morning Vitali Zhulkovsky B 24
Where's My Fish Dad Lorraine Cosgrove B 24
Class B 1st
Furious Finches John Straub B 25
Class A HM
First Swim Frank Zaremba A 25
Hanging Upside Down William Latournes A 25
Let's end this meeting - everyone else has checked out anyways Donna JW Griffiths A 25
Class A 2nd
Lion King Frank Zaremba A 27
Class A 1st
Below Cold Donna JW Griffiths A 29
Salon HM
After the Storm Bill Payne S 24
Bugling Bull Elk John McGarry S 24
Gannett Pair Danielle D'Ermo S 24
Lupine View Lee Wilcox S 24
Of Course It Rolls Off Bill Payne S 24
Salon 2nd
Lunch Susan Poirier S 27
Salon 1st
Hey what about me John McGarry S 28
Puffin with Catch Susan Poirier S 28