Nature – October 2015 Scores

Class B HM
Patience in Yellow and Black Ken Picard B 22
Class B 2nd
Caterpillar Carnival Act Kristen Anderson B 23
Coy Look Ed Raymond B 23
Swans Down Lake Mix John-Straub B 23
Hangin' On Ed Raymond B 24
Class A HM
Cheetah in the Dawns Early Light Lou Norton A 24
Class A 2nd
On the Hunt Frank Zaremba A 25
Coming up for Air William Latournes A 25
Class A 1st
Cormorant Frank Zaremba A 26
Salon HM
Anhinga with Nest Material Susan Poirier S 25
Quiet, I am Fishing Bill Payne S 25
Salon 2nd
Fishing Reddeish Egret Danielle D'Ermo S 26
Osprey with Catch Susan Poirier S 26
Screaming Eagle Richard Busch S 26
Snow Leopard Richard Busch S 26
Who’ll Take the Girl with the Skinny Legs Bill Payne S 26
Salon 1st
Great White Egret in Breeding Pose Danielle D'Ermo S 29