2017 Standings

RIBBONS CLASS MAKER TOTAL IMAGES TOTAL POINTS IMAGE AVERAGE 1ST 2ND HM SP 1st SP 2nd S Bill Payne 22 548 24.91 1 6 6 3 5 S John McGarry […]

Ribbons, Travel, December 2016

Airport Travelers Donna JW Griffiths S Alexandria Concrete Jungle Susan Poirier S Block Island Ferry and Fishing Boat William Latournes A Bug Lighthouse Long Island Sound James Haney B Can’t […]

Ribbons, Creative, December 2016

Colored Horse Charles Hall B Duck!!! Rene Durbois B Fisheye Firs and Fool With Furrowed Forehead J. John Straub A Homeland Security James Haney B Impressionist Weeds Bruce Metzger S […]

Standings for Open category, November 2016

A Shadow of Itself Kathleen Miller B A walk through the Boreal Forest Barbara Steele A Beacon of Safety – New London Harbor Light Harold Grimes B Beautiful Iron Horse […]

Standings for Animals category, November 2016

Airbrushed Rider Richard Busch S Are you SURE I can’t Come out there with you? Barbara Steele A Backyard Bird Cheryl Picard B Blue Eyes Kristen Anderson B Blue Laced […]

October 2016, Nature

Autumn Tree Reflections Dolph Fusco A Bluebird Bruce Metzger S Capturing the Elusive Aurora Barbara Steele A Deer With a Snack John McGarry S Dew drop inn Kristen Anderson B […]

October 2016, Creative

Angel Cloud Frank Zaremba S Autumnal Aurora Barbara Steele A Balloon William Latournes A Deadly Beauty Harold Grimes B Holloween so soon James Haney B Long Jump Sequence John McGarry […]

September 2016 – Post Card of CT, Standings

Autumn on Talcott Mountain John McGarry S Connecticut Lighthouse Charles Hall B Heading Back to the Station Donna JW Griffiths S Heublein Tower Susan Poirier S Lighthouse Point State Park […]

August 2016 – Nature, Standings

Anhinga Love Susan Poirier S Cardinal with Berry Susan Poirier S El Chipo Gary Gianini B Going Down Charles Hall B Good Friend George Zars A Grey Day on CT […]

September 2016, Open, Standings

Beauty and the Bug Donna JW Griffiths S California Coast Jim Patrina A Call Me Ollie Lou Norton A Canyon Sunset Barbara Steele A Chefchaouen Moroccan Alley Lou Norton A […]

2016 Standings

CLASS MAKER TOTAL IMAGES TOTAL POINTS IMAGE AVERAGE 1ST 2ND HM SP 1st SP 2nd S Susan Poirier 22 564 25.64 5 8 3 3 5 S John McGarry 22 […]

May 2016, Flowers Category – Scores

Alooe Ferox Blooms Gil Kleiner S 20 Blue Hyacinth Frank Zaremba A 22 Drawn Toward the Light – Resubmit for April Creative Rene Durbois B 21 Flowers Rene Durbois B […]

May 2016, Open Category – Scores

18 Vitali Zhulkovsky B 20 A Fight George Zars A 21 Bricks Berries And Stained Lace Dolf Fusco A 21 Confederate Casuallty Jim Patrina A 19 Eagle William Latournes A […]

April 2016, Travel Category – Scores

Atlantic Storm Hampton Beach James Haney B 20 Barn Now Gone – Resubmit for March Open Bruce Metzger S 25 Behind the Waterfall John McGarry S 21 Craft Fair Mark […]

April 2016, Creative – Scores

A Leprechaun’s Nightmare John Straub B 20 Art Work George Zars A 22 My Funny Car Charles Hall B 23 No Hands Richard Busch S 21 Statue of Jose Marti […]

Open Category, March 2016 – Scores

Angry Bird Vitali Zhulkovsky B 21 Bird Feeder In Paradise Gary Gianini B 21 Colonial Elegance – Light and Cut Glass Dolf Fusco A 19 Creek at Campbell Falls Richard […]

Sunset Sunrise, March 2016 Scores

A River of Clouds Lorraine Cosgrove B 19 Closing Time Mark Buchanan A 21 Dawn At Bar Harbor Lou Norton A 23 Dinner at Dusk Bill Payne S 20 Fire […]

Portrait Category, February 2016 – Scores

2 Rugged Terrain John Straub B 23 Allen Cheryl Picard B 19 Bass Player Bill Latournes A 21 Bettie Page Wannabe Mark Buchanan A 21 Blues Singer Bill Latournes A […]

Creative Category, February 2016 – Scores

Celestial Soccer John Straub B 23 Church of St. Dmitry Mark Buchanan A 21 Corrosion John McGarry S 21 Grey Day in the Keys Donna Griffiths A 21 Leaf Variations […]

Still Life Category – January 2016 Scores

Easter Egg George Zars A 20 Expresso Cup on Blue Velvet Donna Griffiths A 22 Horse Town Cheryl Picard B 21 Ikea Junk Kris Anderson B 21 Kitchen Cluster Dolph […]

Open Category – January 2016 Scores

A Light from Above John McGarry S 24 Blue Cypress Conservation Area Florida Bill Latournes A 21 Bridge Over Troubled Water Charles Hall B 18 Cold front on the way […]

Creative Category – December 2015 Scores

Tree and Fence Bill Latournes A 23 Lichen Bruce Metzger S 21 No Pot of Gold CharlesHall B 21 Street Scene Dining Out Dolph Fusco A 22 Spin Me a […]

Animals Category – December 2015 Scores

Battle Scars Lorraine Cosgrove B 23 Cam Richard Busch B 20 Say Cheese Charles Hall B 21 Sleepy Kitten Dolph Fusco B 19 The Emperor’s Mustache Ed Raymond B 19 […]

Open Category – November 2015 Scores

Class B HM Dawn Storm Front John Straub B 22 Winter’s Beauty Cheryl Picard B 22        Class B 2nd Sun Kissed Italian Valley Rene Durbois B 23 Web of […]

Reflections – November 2015 Scores

Class B 2nd Lonely Kris Anderson B 22 Upper Dividend Pond John Straub B 22             Class B 1st Secrets of DC Charles Hall B 23 […]

Creative – October 2015 Scores

Class B 2nd Osprey Mom of the Year John Straub B 25           CLASS B 1st Twinkle in My Eyes Kris Anderson B 26     […]

Nature – October 2015 Scores

Class B HM Patience in Yellow and Black Ken Picard B 22           Class B 2nd Caterpillar Carnival Act Kris Anderson B 23 Coy Look Ed […]

Water – September 2015 Scores

Congratulations to the Special Category – Water for September 2015 An Unsafe Place Dolph Fusco A 23 Boy Fishing Reflected Alene Galin A 19 Crashing Wave George Zars A 18 […]

Nature – August 2015 Scores

Bath time Jim Patrina A 22 big gulp Jim Patrina A 22 Black and White on a Rock Bill Latournes A 21 Blackbird Lorraine Cosgrove B 21 Bullfrog on Debris […]

Open – September 2015 Scores

Salon 1st Tri Color Heron S John McGarry 28   Salon 2nd Difficult Navigation S John McGarry 27 Tern Fishing S Danielle D’Ermo 27   Salon HM Solitude After the […]

2015 Final Standings

MAKER TOTAL IMAGES TOTAL POINTS IMAGE AVERAGE 1ST 2ND HM SP 1st SP 2nd SALON John McGarry 22 580 26.36 4 10 4 2 2 Danielle D’Ermo 22 571 25.95 […]