Internet Nature Category – January 2016 Scores

Amur Tiger Richard Busch S 24
Beaver Eying its Next Stick Lorraine Cosgrove B 20
Breakfast for Three Bill Payne S 23
Early Evening Pond Scene Dolph Fusco A 22
Pond Reflections George Zars A 22
Quiet Please Charles Hall B 21
Running Away William Latournes A 19
Setting Sun George Zars A 21
Wading for Breakfast Bill Payne S 24
Waiting for my next meal Jim Patrina A 21
Which Way Charles Hall B 21
Class B Honorable Mention
Fledgling Fiddlehead Family of Four John Straub B 22
Class B 2nd Place
Glendale Falls Lorraine Cosgrove B 24
Class B 1st Place
Boo John Straub B 28
Class A Honorable Mention
Swimming in the Bubbles William Latournes A 23
Class A 2nd Place
Actually This Is My Toothbrush Lou Norton A 25
Heron Posing Jim Patrina  A  25
Pond And Vegetation Dolph Fusco A 25
Portrait Of A Young Lion Lou Norton A 25
Class A 1st Place
Inflight Frank Zaremba A 27
On the look out Frank Zaremba A 27
Salon Honorable Mention
After a Swim - Moutain Lion Daniele D'Ermo S 25
Debating the Issues John McGarry S 25
Eagle on Guard Richard Busch S 25
Salon 2nd Place
Golden Eagle1 Daniele D'Ermo S 26
Great Blue Heron Catches Fish Susan Poirier S 26
Heron Building It's Nest Susan Poirier S 26
Salon 1st Place
Rumble in the Tree Tops John McGarry S 28