Open Category – January 2016 Scores

A Light from Above John McGarry S 24
Blue Cypress Conservation Area Florida William Latournes A 21
Bridge Over Troubled Water Charles Hall B 18
Cold front on the way Jim Patrina A 22
Corn Harvester in Simsbury Bill Payne S 23
December Sun Bruce Metzger S 22
Dew on Flower Charles Hall B 21
Don't shoot till you see the reds of their eyes Richard Busch S 22
Fall 2015 Gil Kleiner S 19
Fall Reflections George Zars A 21
Farm fresh Cheryl Picard B 19
Great Horned Owl in Flight Danielle D'Ermo S 24
Greek Revival Simplicity Dolph Fusco A 21
Gulf Sunset Ed Raymond B 19
Happy Day Rene Durbois B 21
Hawk Bruce Metzger S 24
It's not just for the birds Kristen Anderson B 20
Lake Como Rene Durbois B 20
Lovable Cuban Charmer Lou Norton A 21
Milkweed William Latournes A 18
Number 5 George Zars A 20
Obsessive chair disorder Cheryl Picard B 20
Patterns Gil Kleiner S 18
Red Berry De-Light James Haney B 19
Snowy Owl in Flight Danielle D'Ermo S 24
The Charles W Morgan Bill Payne S 24
The Moon Through North Window Lee Wilcox S 24
Thrill Ride James Haney B 21
Wall Flowers Ken Picard B 20
Winter Snow on Butte Lee Wilcox S 24
Class B HM
Lepidopter Ed Raymond B 22
Class B 2nd
Back Off Camera Boy John Straub B 23
Bloom where you are planted Kristen Anderson B 23
Class B 1st
Mine Eyes Have Seen... John Straub B 25
Class A HM
Hall's Farm Jim Patrina A 23
Russian Flutist Lou Norton A 23
Sunrise over Oakland Shipyards Donna JW Griffiths A 23
Class A 2nd
Inside The Dome Dolph Fusco A 24
Lock Handle Latch Alene Galin A 24
Pelican Rutters Frank Zaremba A 24
Peonies in Bloom Alene Galin A 24
Tours Cathedral Window Donna JW Griffiths A 24
Class A 1st
Water Glasses Frank Zaremba A 27
Salon HM
Golden Eagle Richard Busch S 25
Salon 2nd
No. 4 through the gate John McGarry S 26
Salon 1st
Saying Goodnight Susan Poirier S 27
Tree Frog Susan Poirier S 27