Still Life Category – January 2016 Scores

Easter Egg George Zars A 20
Expresso Cup on Blue Velvet Donna JW Griffiths A 22
Horse Town Cheryl Picard B 21
Ikea Junk Kristen Anderson B 21
Kitchen Cluster Dolph Fusco A 20
Metallic Cod Over The Rocks Lou Norton A 22
Neon Lights Charles Hall B
Textured Vase Ken Picard B 20
King of the Toy box William Latournes A 18
Class B 2nd
Head on a Plate Rene Durbois B 22
Class B 1st
Tony C John-Straub B 24
Class A 2nd
Baskets + Jug Alene Galin A 24
Class A 1st
Wedding Day Frank Zaremba A 26
Salon 2nd
Chains keep us together running in the shadows Richard   Busch S 18
Flower Arrangement Danielle D'Ermo S 18
Still Life Gil Kleiner S 18
Salon 1st
Chihuly Glass Orbs Susan Poirier S 24