Creative Category – December 2015 Scores

Tree and Fence William Latournes A 23
Lichen Bruce Metzger S 21
No Pot of Gold CharlesHall B 21
Street Scene Dining Out Dolph Fusco A 22
Spin Me a Yarn Ed Raymond B 20
Snow Pile George Zars A 23
On Parade Gil Kleiner S 18
Nepaug Dam Gil Kleiner S 18
What are you looking at James Haney B 21
Drake Hill Bridge. Jim Patrina A 23
Minions Kristen Anderson B 20
Four Camels Lou Norton A 21
Satyr Mark Buchanan A 19
Time Travelers Richard Busch S 25
My Hero Susan Poirier S 25
Playing with Shadows Alene Galin. Cr A 19
Over The Entrance Bill Payne S 24
One of 2 Lights Bruce Metzger S 23
Paradise Charles Hall B 19
Hardscrabble Farmhouse Dolph Fusco A 21
Landing on a print Frank Zaremba A 23
Rusty Frame George Zars A 22
Mountain Watchman John McGarry S 21
Lillypad Fiesta John Straub B 21
4 Tree barks Ken Picard B 19
Hannukah Candle Lighting Lou Norton A 23
Rose Mark Buchanan A 22
Ana in Milk Paint Richard Busch S 25
People Watching Alene Galin A 20
Class B HM
Beauty to the Last Fall John Straub B 22
Milkyway Rene Durbois B 22
Class B 2nd
Red Leaves Ken Picard B 23
Last Flight of the Day Lorraine Cosgrove B 23
Class B 1st
Milkyway Beach Fire Rene Durbois B 24
She Said Yes Kristen Anderson B 24
Reflections in a Lippanzans Eye Lorraine Cosgrove B 24
Class A HM
Harbor Boats Alene Galin A 24
Washington Monument Jim Patrina A 24
Class A 2nd
City Spheres Frank Zaremba A 25
The Pier Goes on Forever Donna JW Griffiths  A  25
Class A 1st
Afternoon Light Donna JW Griffiths A 26
Water Lilley William Latournes A 26
Salon HM
Shapes and Colors John McGarry S 26
White Egret with Nesting Material -High Key Danielle D'Ermo S 26
Salon 2nd
The Manhattan Bridge Bill Payne S 27
Night Lights Susan Poirier S 27
Salon 1st
Getting a Drink Danielle D'Ermo S 28