Animals Category – December 2015 Scores

Battle Scars Lorraine Cosgrove B 23
Cam Richard Busch B 20
Say Cheese Charles Hall B 21
Sleepy Kitten Dolph Fusco B 19
The Emperor's Mustache Ed Raymond B 19
Watching Cheryl Picard B 22
Class B 2nd
Peek a boo Kristen Anderson B 25
Class B 1st
Hawkeye John Straub B 27
Class A 2nd
Afternoon Nap with Friends Donna JW Griffiths A 22
Gulp - Yes Its The Real Thing Lou Norton A 22
Class A 1st
I am smiling Frank Zaremba A 26
Salon 2nd
Black Friday at Walmart John McGarry S 23
Can't Read Susan Poirier S 23
OMG it is time for a Mani -Pedi Danielle D'Ermo S 23
Salon 1st
Beaver in Great Pond Gil Kleiner S 24