May 2016, Flowers Category – Scores

Alooe Ferox Blooms Gil Kleiner S 20
Blue Hyacinth Frank Zaremba A 22
Drawn Toward the Light - Resubmit for April Creative Rene Durbois B 21
Flowers Rene Durbois B 20
Pink Azalea Lee Wilcox S 22
Rose by Any Other Name Alene Galin A 22
Snail On African White Cape Daisy Lou Norton A 22
White Rose James Haney B 20
Wild Thyme John McGarry S 21
Class B 2nd
Daisy Dew Charles Hall B 21
Say Aahh! Ed Raymond B 21
Sunny day Vitali Zhulkovsky B 21
Class B 1st
Beauty Through Greenhouse Glass John Straub B 23
Class A 2nd
Lilley After the Rain William Latournes A 25
Class A 1st
Tulip Petals Dolf Fusco A 26
Golden George Zars A 26
Salon 2nd
Water Lily Susan Poirier S 25
Salon 1st
Lily Richard Busch S 26