Open – September 2015 Scores

Salon 1st
Tri Color Heron S John McGarry 28
Salon 2nd
Difficult Navigation S John McGarry 27
Tern Fishing S Danielle D'Ermo 27
Salon HM
Solitude After the Storm S Bill Payne 26
Class A 1st
Milk Drops A Frank-Zaremba 26
Class A 2nd
Old Bug A Frank-Zaremba 25
Class A HM
After the Cruise A Alene Galin 23
Border Caper A Dolph Fusco 23
Determined Racer A George Zars 23
Hanging Canoes Out to Dry A Donna JW Griffiths OPEN 23
Moroccan Shoe Store Display A Lou Norton 23
Newport Polo A William Latournes 23
Rose A Mahen Shukla 23
Sheer Beauty A William Latournes 23
Class B 1st
Curious Red Head B Ed Raymond 24
Fly Away B Kristen Anderson 24
Looks Greener to Me Too B John Straub 24
Mask B Vitali Zhulkovsky 24
Class B 2nd
Bill's Seafood at dusk B John Straub 23
Class B HM
Inside Grand Central B Lorraine Cosgrove 22
A Crowd Of Chinese Children Feeding A Crowd of Koi A Lou Norton 21
Abandoned S SusanPoirier 24
At the Ready B Ed Raymond 20
Balanced Rock in Winter S Lee Wilcox 23
Boston Fireworks S Bill Payne 24
Coming At You A Dolph Fusco 21
Connecticut River Monster A Mark Buchanan 17
Desert sunrise A Mahen Shukla 19
Driftwood Dragon A Mark Buchanan 18
Fawn Hiding in the Wild Flowers S Danielle D'ERmo 25
Geese Family S Gil Kleiner 20
Grand Central Tiffany Clock B Lorraine Cosgrove 19
Great Blue Heron on the Prowl A Ray Padron 21
Its a jungle out there A Jim Patrina 17
Morning Harbor S SusanPoirier 25
Ring-necked Duck S Gil Kleiner 20
Simsbury in July CROP A Jim Patrina 21
Stained Glss B Vitali Zhulkovsky 19
The Cogg Steamer CROP A George Zras 21
The Portal S Lee Wilcox 22
Toy Trumpeter in a Ladle on a Door A Donna JW Griffiths 22
Woods on Fire CROP B Kristen Anderson 20