Water – September 2015 Scores

Congratulations to the Special Category - Water for September 2015
An Unsafe Place Dolph Fusco A 23
Boy Fishing Reflected Alene Galin A 19
Crashing Wave George Zars A 18
Great Pond Mark Buchanan A 20
Green Water Bill Payne S 22
Maine Forest Waterfall Lou Norton A 20
Rough Seas Jim Patrina A 20
Under Water Gil Kleiner S 21
Upper Smalls Falls Lee Wilcox S 22
Class B HM
Tranquillity Kristen Anderson B 22
Class B 2nd
Stony Brook Ed Raymond B 24
Glass Vitali Zhulkovsky B 25
Liftoff John Straub B 25
Class A HM
Mist on the lake Mahen Shukla A 24
Class A 2nd
Rain Tasting Donna JW Griffiths A 25
Rain Water Circles Frank-Zaremba A 25
Class A 1st
Birdhouse in the Fog William Latournes A 26
Salon HM
50 Shades of Blue SusanPoirier S 23
Salon 2nd
Blue and Gold Ice Glaciers Danielle D'Ermo S 24
Salon 1st
Waterfalls John McGarry S 25