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Winners for Special Category
Macro - December, 2021

All images submitted for this competition

After the rainJeff LevesqueS
Christmas CactusPamela CarterB
Heart of PinkJohn StraubS
Hidden faceJohn ClancyB
poppyJohn ParisiA
Rest.Marylou LavoieA
TulipsJim PatrinaA
Two Dollar JeffersonFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Class B HM
Spotted Cucumber BeetleQuyen PhanB
Class B 2nd
Fuzzy Wuzzy was ... an African Violet?!Eric WolfeA
Class B 1st
Yellow and orange flowerRobert McCueA
Class A HM
Raindrops On A Blade Of GrassWilliam LatournesA
Class A 2nd
Back to the hiveRon ThomasA
Class A 1st
Curly QBob FerranteS
Salon HM
Blending InBill PayneS
Silvery Blue ButterflyJohn McGarryS
Salon 2nd
Bee on flowerMerle YoderS
Salon 1st
Reaching out softlyBert SirkinS
Window Skimmer at RestLibby LordS