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Winners for Hybrid Category
Portrait - April, 2022

All images submitted for this competition

Anastasia in the Willows PortraitLibby LordS
Ashleigh in yellowJohn ParisiA
Cash..that's her nameJohn ParisiA
Come In, This Won't Hurt A BitMarylou LavoieA
ContemplationAlene GalinA
Czech MonkLouis Arthur NortonA
Dana at onePeter RossatoA
Fun at the PlaygroundJim PatrinaA
HarperWilliam LatournesA
Hayden in Central ParkPamela CarterB
Kisses for my HoneyAlene GalinA
LauraPeter RossatoA
No Lame DuckQuyen PhanB
Playing the BluesQuyen PhanB
Quite The PearMary Anne SirkinA
Ready to JumpMary Anne SirkinA
Revolutionary CoupleMarylou LavoieA
Send Me Your JokesBill PayneS
Shrine of the Devine Mercy ChurchJim PatrinaA
Sitting prettyBert SirkinS
Slip and Slide Time OutBill PayneS
StacySebastian FamaB
The Prepared PhotographerJohn StraubS
The Sleeping BeautyFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Two kids and a heartBert SirkinS
Watching the SunriseLibby LordS
Class B HM
Poker FaceKarin LessardA
Joy at the OasisEric WolfeA
TomRobert McCueA
DanRobert McCueA
Say Yes to the DressPamela CarterB
Class B 2nd
Happy EyesEric WolfeA
blue eyes on a golden dayTerri-Ann SnedikerB
Future Lacrosse STARTerri-Ann SnedikerB
Class B 1st
The White FeatherKarin LessardA
Class A HM
Egyptian WomanLouis Arthur NortonA
JacobWilliam LatournesA
Class A 2nd
GiannaLinda FickingerA
KamLinda FickingerA
RiannaRon ThomasA
Class A 1st
SophiaRon ThomasA
Salon HM
Dane Jackson Action PortraitJohn McGarryS
Max Climbing a TreeJohn McGarryS
Salon 2nd
Pensive TigerJohn StraubS
Salon 1st
Princess of IndiaFrank Zaremba, MNECS
WaryJohn StraubS