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Winners for Special Category
Humor - October, 2022

All images submitted for this competition

Again You Forgot My Birthday!Alene GalinA
Anybody got change for the tip?Ron ThomasA
Bad Hair DayMarylou LavoieA
Crumbs EverywhereQuyen PhanB
Guilty Looking Pumpkin PoacherJohn McGarryS
Happy Jack Loves His Belly RubbedJeff LevesqueS
My Pond FloatWilliam LatournesA
They have Pizza !!!Kevin HulseB
Class B HM
Best Lunch EVER!Pamela CarterB
Class B 2nd
No Kidding!Cheryl PicardB
Class B 1st
Giving Mommy kissesTerri-Ann SnedikerB
Class A HM
Band-aid? What band-aid?Linda FickingerA
Threatening Maori WarriorLouis Arthur NortonA
Class A 2nd
The Bizarre Nature of Street PhotographyEric WolfeA
Proof that Bachelor Celbrations have gone the way of the DinosaurArt McMannusA
Class A 1st
look out! behind you!John ParisiA
Salon HM
Grandkids HumorBill PayneS
Salon 2nd
Snow ball fight victimFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Salon 1st
On the Batphone Here, Dammit!John StraubS
Uh Oh. Too Slow. MINE!Libby LordS