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Winners for Special Category
Insects - March, 2023

All images submitted for this competition

Black AntFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Blue Morpho ButterflyLinda FickingerA
Blue SpangledMarylou LavoieA
Catching a Buzz!Mark TegtmeierB
Common Blue DamselflyMerle YoderS
Daisy and BeeLouis Arthur NortonA
Dew Covered Dung BeetleJohn McGarryS
Eye of the ButterflyEric WolfeA
I Am SmilingBill PayneS
Lady Bug CrossingJim PatrinaA
Menacing ButterflyIan VeitzerB
PollinatingQuyen PhanB
some kind of bugJohn ParisiA
Tiger SwallowtailArt McMannusA
Class B 2nd
Glass WingKevin HulseB
Class B 1st
A Busy BeeDolores BrownB
Class A 2nd
CicadaJeff LevesqueS
ScarabRobert McCueA
Class A 1st
Looking for a churchRon ThomasA
Red and BlackWilliam LatournesA
Salon 2nd
Dragonfly ConnectionLibby LordS
Salon 1st
Thorny Stick BugJohn StraubS