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Winners for Special Category
Insects - March, 2023

All images submitted for this competition

Black AntFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Blue Morpho ButterflyLinda FickingerA
Daisy and BeeLouis Arthur NortonA
Dew Covered Dung BeetleJohn McGarryS
Lady Bug CrossingJim PatrinaA
Menacing ButterflyIan VeitzerB
PollinatingQuyen PhanB
some kind of bugJohn ParisiA
Class B HM
Catching a Buzz!Mark TegtmeierB
Class B 2nd
Glass WingKevin HulseB
Class B 1st
A Busy BeeDolores BrownB
ScarabRobert McCueA
Class A HM
Eye of the ButterflyEric WolfeA
Class A 2nd
CicadaJeff LevesqueS
Blue SpangledMarylou LavoieA
Tiger SwallowtailArt McMannusA
Class A 1st
Looking for a churchRon ThomasA
Red and BlackWilliam LatournesA
Salon HM
I Am SmilingBill PayneS
Common Blue DamselflyMerle YoderS
Salon 2nd
Dragonfly ConnectionLibby LordS
Salon 1st
Thorny Stick BugJohn StraubS