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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - December, 2016

All images submitted for this competition

Swallowtail visitor for dinnerKristen AndersonB
Bringing Home a New WallRichard BuschS
Buzzing AroundHarold GrimesB
Coming Out of the WaterWilliam LatournesA
Fog On The RocksDolph FuscoA
Full MoonJames HaneyB
Galapagos Catus ForestLou NortonA
Great Blue HeronSteven PotashnerB
Great EgretRichard BuschS
Half a SmileFrank ZarembaS
I'm Stuck!Charles HallB
In need of a little helpFrank ZarembaS
Lazy DaysHarold GrimesB
Osprey with catchNancy SchumannA
Red tail hawk siblingsNancy SchumannA
Roadside RocksGeorge ZarsA
Running on the BeachWilliam LatournesA
Spotted Deer - Kabini Forest, IndiaAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Surf Dining at DuskDonna JW GriffithsS
Surging SurfDolph FuscoA
The Bald EagleCharles HallB
Unattractive from any PerspectiveDonna JW GriffithsS
Waterfall Kent Ct.James HaneyB
White Throated Kingfisher, Mysore, IndiaAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Wild HorsesSteven PotashnerB
Yosemite upper and lower fallsJim PatrinaA
Class B HM
Double ThreatSusan CaseS
Class B 2nd
Are you food or are you a threat? The "Bicycle-Crossing Male" - the dominant leopard in Mala Mala, SASusan CaseS
Busy beeKristen AndersonB
Out of my wayRene DurboisS
Class B 1st
Cheetah Family PortraitKen CaseB
Leopard headed for her dinner in a treeKen CaseB
HelloRene DurboisS
Class A HM
Sea Lion SerenadeJ. John StraubS
Winter GreenaGeorge ZarsA
Class A 2nd
Winter in New MexicoLou NortonA
Class A 1st
Yosemite Falls in SpringJim PatrinaA
Salon HM
If You Don't Move They Will ComeBill PayneS
Battle Scarred PronghornJohn McGarryS
Salon 2nd
High Water at Enders FallsBill PayneS
Mid-Air Battle over FishSusan PoirierS
Grazing in the Grass,John McGarryS
Salon 1st
Great Blue Heron & ChicksSusan PoirierS