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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - August, 2017

All images submitted for this competition

Bit Off More Than He Can ChewPeter RossatoA
Common Tall Weed In WinterDolph FuscoA
Duck Pond With No DucksJames HaneyB
I Have My Eye on YouHarold GrimesB
Illuminated BeakDonna JW GriffithsS
moon over MontereyGinny ThibodeauB
Puffin Preening at Nesting siteDanielle D’ErmoS
Red Tailed-Hawk on the 9th holeBill PayneS
Savoring a Sand Flea in the SurfJohn StraubS
Snowy EgretRichard BuschS
Snowy Egret diningBill PayneS
Stone Monument At Low TideDolph FuscoA
Stopping ByeCharles HallB
stranded featherGinny ThibodeauB
Strong StreamHarold GrimesB
Swimming ByCharles HallB
The White BushJames HaneyB
Wet and WhitePeter RossatoA
White MerganserFrank ZarembaS
Class B HM
Still Life-Great Blue HeronGary GianiniB
Harbor Seal pup- 17 mile drive, CaliforniaAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Snowy Egret successfully fishingNancy SchumannA
Class B 2nd
Cedar waxwingAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Class B 1st
Juvenile Bald Eagle with lunchNancy SchumannA
Class A HM
Patagonian Glacier Reaching For The SeaLou NortonA
Running From His ShadowWilliam LatournesA
Class A 2nd
Dont Think That Is a RobinWilliam LatournesA
Class A 1st
Curious Galapagos SalamanderLou NortonA
Salon HM
Heron GreetingFrank ZarembaS
Yellow Collared Scape Moths MatingJohn McGarryS
Maroon BellsDonna JW GriffithsS
Osprey Landing and CallingDanielle D’ErmoS
Salon 2nd
Cormorant in FlightJohn StraubS
Juvenile IbusRichard BuschS
Salon 1st
Milkweed Seeds with DewJohn McGarryS