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Winners for Special Category
Shape/Forms/Lines - January, 2022

All images submitted for this competition

Fence LineJohn McGarryS
Flow interruptedRobert McCueA
Funky Rock PatternsMary Anne SirkinA
let me outJohn ParisiA
Lines in the SandAlene GalinA
Pillars of the communityJohn StraubS
SailWilliam LatournesA
Under the bridgeRichard ProvostA
Class B HM
Westminster Abbey flying buttressesJohn ClancyB
Christmas in NYPamela CarterB
Class B 2nd
Atheneum: New Harmony, INOwen SmallB
Class B 1st
DoorEric WolfeA
Winding TracksQuyen PhanB
Class A HM
Middletown BridgeRon ThomasA
Red RopesLouis Arthur NortonA
Class A 2nd
Lines On Her FaceMarylou LavoieA
Class A 1st
Mushroom TiersBob FerranteS
Salon HM
ChevroletLibby LordS
Salon 2nd
WindowsFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Gray SkiesBill PayneS
Salon 1st
Tree with rock striationsBert SirkinS