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Winners for Regular Category
Open - March, 2016

All images submitted for this competition

Angry BirdVitali ZhulkovskyB
Bird Feeder In ParadiseGary GianiniB
Colonial Elegance - Light and Cut GlassDolf FuscoA
Creek at Campbell FallsRichard BuschS
Dead Tree Beach MorningJohn McGarryS
FiddleheadsWilliam LatournesA
Foggy Future - Rocky PastDolf FuscoA
Found SomrGeorge ZarsA
Get the BallWilliam LatournesA
Icing FlowGil KleinerS
Is This GoodCharles HallB
Just a nutKristen AndersonB
Let Me OutCharles HallB
Manderin DuckRichard BuschS
Mars VisitorGil KleinerS
Mausoleum VisitRene DurboisS
Moment of GloryRene DurboisS
Morning MeetingFrank ZarembaS
Nectar NoshEd RaymondB
Not Elvis But He Looks FamiliarLou NortonA
Old ButcherFrank ZarembaS
Pelican on PierLorraine CosgroveS
Rainy ViewCheryl PicardB
SolitudeAlene GalinA
Tired and TipsyDonna JW GriffithsS
TwilightCheryl PicardB
Why the long faceEd RaymondB
Windows in ItalyAlene GalinA
Wychmere HarborLorraine CosgroveS
Class B HM
Dividend FallsJohn StraubS
Strawberry splashKristen AndersonB
Class B 2nd
Orange IguanaLorraine CosgroveS
Class B 1st
American Kestrel CoupleJohn StraubS
Class A HM
Ice FormsMark BuchananA
Ice Pads On StreamMark BuchananA
Class A 2nd
Venitean GondoliersLou NortonA
RestingGeorge ZarsA
Class A 1st
Great Dining OpportunityDonna JW GriffithsS
Salon HM
Green HeronSusan PorierS
Sprint OnBill PayneS
Park Avenue ReflectionLee WilcoxS
Salon 2nd
Balloons AboundBill PayneS
Primary Colors Red Blue GreenJohn McGarryS
Bryce HoodooLee WilcoxS
Salon 1st
Silver Spotted SkipperSusan PorierS