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Winners for Regular Category
Open - December, 2019

All images submitted for this competition

AbundanceMarylou LavoieA
After the crowds leave - Coney IslandJim PatrinaA
At DockCharles HallB
Backyard BearWendy RosenbergB
Canadian LynxDanielle D'ErmoS
Crane ManArt McMannusA
Crane MoonArt McMannusA
Departing StormJohn StraubS
Do you have a carrot?John ClancyB
Fresh and cleanNancy SchumannA
Harper The ElfWilliam LatournesA
LatchedAlene GalinA
Meerkat Family on the red sands of the Kalahari DesertSusan CaseS
Moravian Fishermen Harvesting Their CatchLouis Arthur NortonA
Multnoma WaterfallBruce MetzgerS
Mushroom ClusterJohn McGarryS
Old RustyAlene GalinA
Pileated Woodpecker in SummerLibby LordS
Ragman Of TangiersLouis Arthur NortonA
Raindrops On LeafWilliam LatournesA
rainy nightJohn ParisiA
Red Tailed Hawk posingBill PayneS
Ruins at Sunset, Cape May, NJRichard ProvostA
Sadhus - Holy persons in Hinduism, Kathmandu, NepalSusan CaseS
Sierra's day at the BeachJim PatrinaA
Stockyard DeliveryPeter RossatoA
Sunrise at Avalon Pier, NJRichard ProvostA
WaderBruce MetzgerS
Waiting for fish, local blue heronBill PayneS
Class B HM
The EnforcerJeff LevesqueA
Sunset in Newport OregonJohn ClancyB
That's All Brother!Peter RossatoA
Heron snacking on a small fishWendy RosenbergB
PlaytimeKarin LessardA
Abandoned AsylumNick BennettB
Class B 2nd
Windy Feather DayRon ThomasA
Move Over Big BoyRon ThomasA
Breakfast in the SnowKarin LessardA
Lunch DateNick BennettB
Class B 1st
Caught off GuardCharles HallB
Rusty TrestleJeff LevesqueA
Reflective FlyersMarylou LavoieA
Class A HM
Sharing a Light in VinalesLorraine CosgroveS
Class A 2nd
foggy mornJohn ParisiA
Class A 1st
Sunset StrollNancy SchumannA
The Potter at WorkLorraine CosgroveS
Salon HM
A Flair for the DramaticJohn StraubS
Alaskan Pipeline under the AuroraBen SkaughtS
Salon 2nd
Castle on a HillBen SkaughtS
Gathering PollenFrank Zaremba, MNECS
KarynnFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Salon 1st
Tiger ready to pounceDanielle D'ErmoS
Stretching For Every InchJohn McGarryS
Barred Owl on the HuntLibby LordS