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Winners for Regular Category
Creative - February, 2021

All images submitted for this competition

Aspen ImpressionsJohn McGarryS
Cheese StrataJohn ClancyB
Cow in fieldMerle YoderS
Driftwood Beach in High KeyJohn McGarryS
Driving down the HighwayJim PatrinaA
Fancy EaterMarylou LavoieA
Floral BeautyBen SkaughtS
Flower PowerLinda FickingerA
For the History BooksGrace YoderA
Frozen FlowerPeter RossatoA
Garden FantasyMary Anne SirkinA
Ghost Dog Running On WaterWilliam LatournesA
Greeting the dayLinda FickingerA
High Tech Around 1910Bill PayneS
High-key bluebirdMerle YoderS
Midnight Tram at MonopolArt McMannusA
Moody ladyRon ThomasA
Moonlight ImpressionBruce MetzgerS
Mr. and Mrs. H. MerganserMarylou LavoieA
Pop Art FlowerGrace YoderA
Psychedelic FernsWilliam LatournesA
Red SunriseBruce MetzgerS
Reflections of Days Gone ByBob FerranteS
Riders in the StormBen SkaughtS
The Forest QueenFrank Zaremba, MNECS
The GrampionsJohn ClancyB
Water Lily ImpressionsLibby LordS
Where's my golf ball?Richard ProvostA
Zoom Toward ManhatthanBill PayneS
Class B HM
Desert UberMary Anne SirkinA
Class B 2nd
The bus to NirvanaBert SirkinS
Late Day ShadowsBob FerranteS
Class B 1st
Strawberry 9 waysBert SirkinS
Class A HM
Lost in the StormPeter RossatoA
Emerging From The HolocaustLouis Arthur NortonA
Civil war statueRon ThomasA
Class A 2nd
Sym-phony Served On A Silver TrayLouis Arthur NortonA
Race for Ice CreamAlene GalinA
stormy night DorothyJohn ParisiA
ICM RiverJohn ParisiA
Manhattan SkylineJim PatrinaA
Class A 1st
Psychedelic Tree TrunkAlene GalinA
Trees in golden hourRichard ProvostA
Salon HM
WaterlilyLibby LordS
Salon 2nd
The Atomic DogFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Rock Band ReverberationJohn StraubS
Salon 1st
Escape from a NightmareJohn StraubS