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Winners for Regular Category
Nature - November, 2022

All images submitted for this competition

A Woodthrush Singing for LoveLibby LordS
Autumn on the FarmingtonKevin HulseB
Baby RobinsMireille NeumannB
Baby TeethSusan CaseS
Backyard BunnyChris RiggsB
Bee on flowerRon ThomasA
Bird Migration in New MexicoLorraine CosgroveS
Cerulean Glacial Falls by Icelandic RiftLouis Arthur NortonA
Common SwallowtailRobert McCueA
Danger ZoneMarylou LavoieA
Daydreaming about acornsScott KerrB
Egret waiting on Low TideKevin HulseB
Fall nightCheryl PicardB
Farmington River in FallPamela CarterB
First snow of the year Bryce CanyonJim PatrinaA
First try at Black and WhiteOwen SmallB
Forest ShadowsAlene GalinA
Free FallingCheryl PicardB
glowingJohn ParisiA
Grand TetonsJim PatrinaA
Hanging OutLinda FickingerA
Hanging Out On A LeaveWilliam LatournesA
HowlerLinda FickingerA
I don't think I'm ready for this...Art McMannusA
I'm Gettin' TherePamela CarterB
Impressionism by NatureArt McMannusA
Lunch All Wrapped UpWilliam LatournesA
Lunch Time In SimsburyLouis Arthur NortonA
poppyJohn ParisiA
Prairie Dog DayEric WolfeA
Rufous-tailed HummingbirdEric WolfeA
Sandpiper Steps OutMarylou LavoieA
Simsburys Version of SpearfishingBill PayneS
SplashAlene GalinA
There's One In Every FamilyBob FerranteS
Waiting for a mealRon ThomasA
Where Little Flower Flies Come FromKarin LessardA
Class B HM
Hungry Robin having breakfastMireille NeumannB
Bash Bish FallsRobert McCueA
Monarch on LavenderQuyen PhanB
Snack TimeQuyen PhanB
Morning LightKristin LongB
Class B 2nd
Town Forest ParkKristin LongB
My First Try at Black & White digitalOwen SmallB
Class B 1st
Grin and bear (it)Scott KerrB
Class A HM
Spirit of the wolfJeff LevesqueS
That's A WrapKarin LessardA
Class A 2nd
Puffin in flightJeff LevesqueS
Class A 1st
Spiny Orb WeaverBob FerranteS
Salon HM
Not sure this will fitFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Cicada Killer with an AttitudeJohn McGarryS
Salon 2nd
Nature's Power and PauseJohn StraubS
Tell Me When I Can MoveBill PayneS
Who Spotted HooLibby LordS
Piping Plover Sitting on Her NestLorraine CosgroveS
Salon 1st
Green FrogFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Love BiteSusan CaseS
Nightmare Stare for a FishJohn StraubS
Successful Fishing TripJohn McGarryS