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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - August, 2020

All images submitted for this competition

American LoonieArt McMannusA
American Oystercatcher CoupleJohn StraubS
Bald Eagle feeding nestlingNancy SchumannA
Bear Cub with MotherDanielle D'ErmoS
Beautiful Maligne LakeJohn ClancyB
Beauty of WeedsRichard ProvostA
Breeching HumpbackLorraine CosgroveS
Coastal Flower GardenJim PatrinaA
Common GalinuleJohn McGarryS
Dazed and ConfusedGary GianiniB
Deer In The WoodsWilliam LatournesA
Double ArchJohn ClancyB
Early Autumn in McLean Wildlife SanctuaryLouis Arthur NortonA
Falling WatersArt McMannusA
Gathering of the Clan - The Big BoysSusan CaseS
Great Blue Heron with dinnerNancy SchumannA
Here's Looking At You KidAlene GalinA
HidingAlene GalinA
hostJohn ParisiA
Hummy with a Red FlowerLibby LordS
Ice fishing on Stub PondGary GianiniB
Liftoff with a CrabLorraine CosgroveS
light on the rockRichard ProvostA
Me and My ShadowBob FerranteS
Messy EaterMarylou LavoieA
Mother Is Watching Over UsLouis Arthur NortonA
Next Time Just Tell Her You're A PrinceElaine IngrahamB
Pfiffer BeachJim PatrinaA
Racoon CutieLibby LordS
Room for me?Peter RossatoA
The One That Didn't Get AwayFrank Zaremba, MNECS
The Show OffMarylou LavoieA
True LoveSusan CaseS
Walk This WayElaine IngrahamB
Woodland mushroomPeter RossatoA
Class B HM
Dutiful ParentJeff LevesqueS
Class B 2nd
Inquisitive YoungsterJeff LevesqueS
On The LookoutKarin LessardA
Molt-o Bello Young Indigo BuntingBob FerranteS
Class B 1st
Stable Fly Fight CLubKarin LessardA
Class A HM
TrilliumJohn ParisiA
Class A 2nd
Ant in a flowerRon ThomasA
On My PadWilliam LatournesA
Class A 1st
Mating season squabbleRon ThomasA
Salon HM
Hanging OnJohn McGarryS
Red-Winged Black Bird posingBill PayneS
Salon 2nd
Oyster Catcher with EggsDanielle D'ErmoS
Saltmarsh SparrowJohn StraubS
Mrs. Red-Winged Black Bird diningBill PayneS
Salon 1st
Two Stripped Grasshopper MattingFrank Zaremba, MNECS