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Winners for Regular Category
Open - March, 2021

All images submitted for this competition

A Place to RestMary Anne SirkinA
A Snowy LandingLibby LordS
Aurora (with "Steve")Bert SirkinS
Barn StormingBob FerranteS
Barred OwlLinda FickingerA
Blowin' in the windGreg OttB
Boat After DarkWilliam LatournesA
Cardinal DiptychMarylou LavoieA
Clouds Around El CapitanJohn McGarryS
ColorflyEric WolfeA
Dream Delayed - Never DeadJohn StraubS
Dublin BayJohn ClancyB
Egyptian Child with an AttitudeLouis Arthur NortonA
Garden ScenePeter RossatoA
Go with the FlowBen SkaughtS
Golden hour at Meigs PointRichard ProvostA
GoldenrodBruce MetzgerS
Hartford - The New Emerges from the OldPeter RossatoA
Hiding From The ColdKarin LessardA
I am So PrettyKarin LessardA
Just singing in the rainJeff LevesqueS
Juvenile Night HeronMarylou LavoieA
Lapin Agile - ParisArt McMannusA
Massachusetts Grist MillJim PatrinaA
Meeting a MustangGrace YoderA
Misty Bloomfield BarnJohn ClancyB
Moth On LavenderWilliam LatournesA
Nora in the mirrorJohn ParisiA
Pelican PortraitLinda FickingerA
Plymouth Rock ProfileArt McMannusA
Seasonal TransitionBob FerranteS
Singing MeadowlarkMerle YoderS
Spear fishingRon ThomasA
Spike the guard dogFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Thanksgiving FlowersBill PayneS
The PollinatorFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Waterworks MuseumRichard ProvostA
Well GroundedGreg OttB
Winter MoonEric WolfeA
Woodland KingfisherSusan CaseS
Class B HM
Bluebird with first snowBert SirkinS
Get Your Kicks on Route 66Mary Anne SirkinA
Flight over the Hammo marshJeff LevesqueS
Class B 2nd
Curious CatGrace YoderA
Class B 1st
Screech Owl in nestMerle YoderS
Class A HM
sunset in old saybrookJohn ParisiA
Last RideAlene GalinA
White on WhiteAlene GalinA
Class A 2nd
Delightful DahliaRon ThomasA
It’s Been a Rough DayJim PatrinaA
Class A 1st
Twins in Pink and WhiteLouis Arthur NortonA
Salon HM
Rosedale SunflowersBruce MetzgerS
Tools Waiting for TomorrowBill PayneS
Curious little monkeySusan CaseS
Salon 2nd
Moonlit Southford FallsJohn StraubS
StinkbugJohn McGarryS
Salon 1st
Night LightsBen SkaughtS
Photographer Shooting a Photographer Shooting the Milky WayLibby LordS