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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - December, 2018

All images submitted for this competition

A Day at the BeachJames HaneyB
A Force of NatureBen SkaughtS
A Harris Hawk Head OnJohn StraubS
A Pair of MutesJames HaneyB
A Sea Lion and Pups Face First LightJohn StraubS
Atlas Mountain CanyonLou NortonA
Brown BearDanielle D'ErmoS
Brown SwansFrank ZarembaS
delicate flowerHarold GrimesB
Demure SanderlingRené DurboisS
Eared Grebe in breeding plumageBen SkaughtS
finding foodHarold GrimesB
Gypsy MothWilliam LatournesA
Half DomeJim PatrinaA
Hooded Mergansers Lunch Time SwimGary GianiniB
ice artJohn ParisiA
Ice SculptureJim PatrinaA
In FlightFrank ZarembaS
Oriental BeetleJohn McGarryS
Posing for Photo OpCharles HallB
Reynisdranger Sea Stacks in the mistRichard ProvostA
Sanderling Red Worm FeastRené DurboisS
Swimming BeaverWilliam LatournesA
YellowstoneJohn ParisiA
Class B HM
The HawkCharles HallB
Class B 2nd
Crystal Ice In Ice Lagoon, IcelandRichard ProvostA
IncomingLibby LordS
Class B 1st
Juvenile Little Blue Heron FishingLibby LordS
Class A HM
SaharaLou NortonA
Bighorn ramNancy SchumannA
Barred Owl eating preyNancy SchumannA
Class A 2nd
Panda PortraitSusan CaseS
Autumn ReflectionsBarbara SteeleA
Class A 1st
Home Repairs - Jabiru StorkSusan CaseS
Salon HM
Snowy Egret PreeningDanielle D'ErmoS
Kent Falls in the AutumnBill PayneS
Salon 2nd
River through Rhyolite MountainsJohn McGarryS
Salon 1st
Simsbury Blue HeronBill PayneS