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Winners for Regular Category
Nature - November, 2019

All images submitted for this competition

Bob Cat Kittens PlayingDanielle D'ErmoS
Bottoms UpMarylou LavoieA
Broken but still kickingHarold GrimesB
Butterfly - Black Swallow TailFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Color in NatureBen SkaughtS
ComorantsBruce MetzgerS
Dangerous Australian Cassowary Up CloseLouis Arthur NortonA
Don't you dare tell me to smileBob FerranteS
Fall RemnantsAlene GalinA
Get Your Own Fish, Camera BoyJohn StraubS
Ghost BatPeter RossatoA
grassy reflectionsWendy RosenbergB
Great Egret TouchdownJohn StraubS
Great WaveBruce MetzgerS
Humpback Whale BreachingLorraine CosgroveS
Jaguar lounging in the late afternoon sunSusan CaseS
Lunch time anyone ?Aadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Matting Dragon FliesFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Mountain HikeAlene GalinA
Mountain Lion with CubDanielle D'ErmoS
No Catch and Release HereBill PayneS
Off to better fishing groundsBill PayneS
Pecks SkipperWilliam LatournesA
Peek-a-booCharles HubandB
Pod on the beachJohn ParisiA
Red Dragon FlyPeter RossatoA
Sedona SunsetBen SkaughtS
SpiderWilliam LatournesA
Stork-billed KingfisherAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Stuck in the MiddleCharles HallB
The yearling CroonerCharles HubandB
Vervet MonkeyNancy SchumannA
Windswept Patagonian Lake And MountiansLouis Arthur NortonA
Woolly Bear on the RunKarin LessardA
Yosemite FallsJim PatrinaA
Class B HM
Snack TimeMarylou LavoieA
Fall colorsCharles HallB
Coming Over for a Closer LookKarin LessardA
Fearless GullNick BennettB
Class B 2nd
Morning Dove Taking a NapHarold GrimesB
Maybe he doesn't see me!John ClancyB
Mantis, or robot?Nick BennettB
Class B 1st
foxy lady in the snowWendy RosenbergB
Wings poised and ready to goBob FerranteS
Class A HM
Diamond beach at sunriseRichard ProvostA
Joshua Tree National Park Looking WestJim PatrinaA
Zebra trio at watering holeNancy SchumannA
Class A 2nd
Mating Snow LeopardsLorraine CosgroveS
Class A 1st
Ice lagoon at sunriseRichard ProvostA
Salon HM
Catching DinnerSusan CaseS
Salon 2nd
Skipper on Yarrow Early MorningJohn McGarryS
Down the HatchLibby LordS
Great Blue Heron Sipping WaterLibby LordS
Salon 1st
Love on the RocksJohn McGarryS