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Winners for Regular Category
Open - May, 2020

All images submitted for this competition

A Splash of ColorBen SkaughtS
A view from a quiet nook !Bob FerranteS
Architectural DetailBen SkaughtS
Cannon Ball Tree Flower - ST. CroixPeter RossatoA
Cape Cod BoardwalkWilliam LatournesA
Cascading watersRichard ProvostA
Chapman FallsNancy SchumannA
Coming and GoingRichard ProvostA
Donlin Castle - Scottish HighlandsArt McMannusA
eerie night in ColebrookJohn ParisiA
Foggy CormorantsBruce MetzgerS
Follow MeCharles HallB
Fortunately I keep my feathers numbered for just such an occasionWendy RosenbergB
Gone Fishin'Wendy RosenbergB
Great Blue Heron nest buidingNancy SchumannA
I Know It's Here Somewhere!Art McMannusA
In the pondHarold GrimesB
LoonDanielle D'ErmoS
Lovebird - Taking the leap!Susan CaseS
Near HoskinsBruce MetzgerS
No stranger to social distancing !Bob FerranteS
Notre Dame Cathedral, ParisJohn ClancyB
On Golden PondJim PatrinaA
Ruffle My FeathersMarylou LavoieA
Seagull Taking A BathWilliam LatournesA
Sedona SunsetJohn ClancyB
Simple LifeKaryn SchwartzerB
Simple SolitudeElaine IngrahamB
SpringLouis Arthur NortonA
The Bridge to SomewhereJim PatrinaA
The Fog is ClearingBill PayneS
Up and AwayBill PayneS
Waterworks MuseumAlene GalinA
Wedding Portrait In PortugualLouis Arthur NortonA
Where I dream to be.Karyn SchwartzerB
White ChurchCharles HallB
Winter bringing in springHarold GrimesB
Wire Cutters Would Make This EasierKarin LessardA
Young Egrets at PlayJeff LevesqueS
Class B HM
Gastronomical joyNick BennettB
Jemima Puddle DuckElaine IngrahamB
Class B 2nd
Book Keeping by DaylightPeter RossatoA
Dinner is ServedRon ThomasA
Newport Bridge Sunrise & Sky TrailsJeff LevesqueS
Fatherly loveNick BennettB
IcarusMarylou LavoieA
Class B 1st
Flying highRon ThomasA
Class A HM
Juno Service dog in trainingJohn ParisiA
Class A 2nd
Spring BlossomAlene GalinA
Dreaming of a Forever HomeLorraine CosgroveS
Class A 1st
Enjoying the Sunset at Skaket BeachLorraine CosgroveS
Salon HM
Yes, I'm ListeningFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Cormorant Big GulpJohn StraubS
Eddies in an Adirondack StreamJohn StraubS
Surveying his kingdomSusan CaseS
Great Blue Heron w a Big FishLibby LordS
Salon 2nd
CatbirdDanielle D'ErmoS
Salon 1st
Red Legged GrasshopperJohn McGarryS
Hover Fly on Common MulleinJohn McGarryS
The GlowFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Wood Duck In All Of Its Colorful GloryLibby LordS